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Family Owned & Operated 

Oz Directional Drilling, formed in 2008, is one of many pipeline companies owned by the Osadchuk family over the past 50 years.  The management team at Oz has been in the pipeline industry since 1950's and the horizontal directional drilling industry since 1991.  Known for their excellence in performance, Oz has completed several hundred directional bores in North America, including world record bores of 6,380 feet in length and the deepest bore of 860 feet.  Oz is a member of the PLCA (Pipe Line Contractors Association), the DCA (Distribution Contractors association), and the IPLOCA (International Pipe Line Offshore Contractors Association)

Excellence & Professionalism 

We have the capability of performing horizontal directional drills under many different circumstances such as, highly sensitive areas, environmental areas, city streets, cross country pipelines, major river crossings, railroads, highways & interstates, and many more. We also have experience in drilling all types of soils, including granite, solid rock, glacier till formations, frozen tundra, running sand, and gravel. We have worked from the East coast to the West coast and as far as the northern slope of Alaska down to the southern tip of Mexico. We are committed to maintaining an on time schedule, while maintaining a safe work environment, satisfying environmental monitors, public agencies, and land owners.

Safe & Competitive

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a sophisticated business.  Dwayne Osadchuk has spent many years in the field supervising and training his drill crews, perfecting the company's drilling expertise. A key ingredient to the success of these projects is the rig operator who need's at least 2 - 5 years of hands on experience.  The drilling crews must have excellent communication skills allowing for the total crew to have a understanding of work safety, ground conditions, project layout, appropriate drill string selection, drilling fluids and tooling selection. Oz's strength in the HDD business is due to its excellent crew, creating a strong competitive advantage.

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