Timeline of Osadchuk Companies 

1965-1967       Central Pipeline and Cable

1968-1980       Natural Pipeline

1978-1990       Southeast Pipeline

1988-2001       Ozzie's Pipeline Padder

1992-2001       Ozzie's Pipeline Testing and Cleaning

1994-2001       Ozzie Pipeline Padder of Germany

1995-2001       Ozzie's Directional Drilling

1995-2001       Ozzie's Pipeline Padder of Australia

1997-2001       Ozzie's Pipeline Technical and inspection services

2001                 All Companies Were Sold to Yorktown Financial Group

2008-Present Oz Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling Milestones


Introduces the World's Largest Directional Drill Rig 1,400,000 Pounds of Pull back


Completes the Longest Directional Drill 6,382 Feet Under the Illinois River


18 Large Directional Drill Rigs Working at Once


Completes the Deepest Directional Drill 860 Feet