Safe Work Practices

Oz Directional Drilling will provide a safe work environment for every employee to reduce risks. Safe work practices to fit the company’s needs have been developed as a means of hazardous control and doing jobs with a minimum of risk to people and property.  Management understands and fully endorses these safe work practices, and ensures that:


  • Safe work practices are in writing;

  • All employees understand the safe work practices and apply them;

  • Equipment and management support are available to permit compliance;

  • Supervisors stress the importance of following safe work practices.


Storage of Materials


Materials must be stored in accordance with Federal and Provincial regulations and shall be stacked in such a manner that the piles do not:


  • Interfere with the lighting;

  • Obstruct or encroach upon passageways, traffic lanes or exits;

  • Impede the safe operation of materials handling equipment;

  • Obstruct the ready access to and the use and operation of firefighting equipment.


Materials shall be stored in such a manner that they will not collapse, fall, slip, topple or otherwise endanger other employees working in the storage area.


Job Procedures


Specific procedures relating to each operation or mainline pipeline construction have been developed to maximize productivity, improve quality, reduce hazards and minimize injury or damage to persons, property and the environment.  Detailed methods, guidelines and procedures for pipe bonding, ditching, welding, lowering-in, boring and drilling, pipe laying, testing and all other aspects of field operations are contained in the section “Guidelines for Safe Work Practices” of our bid document.